Vegan chicken to debut at KFC in the US

Giant fast-food chain KFC is planning to add vegan chicken to its menu across the United States according to company president Kevin Hochman.

“If you would have asked me six months ago, I would have said no, to be completely honest with you. Because, we’re about fried chicken,” Hochman told Business Insider about the possibility of vegan chicken at KFC. “Never say never. I would have said never six months ago. Now, I’ve really re-thought that. We’re going to learn more about that … It still feels a little early, but we’re going to learn about it.”

While dates haven’t been set up for adding vegan meat to its menu, he revealed that they are looking to talk with several brands about their plant-based options. Hochman said, “In the last two weeks I’ve made several appointments with some of the big guys, just to figure out—what does alternative protein look like in chicken?”

In the UK, the development of vegan chicken is already underway, and it will likely be in the form of a burger, which was recently tested by BBC journalist Nisha Katona.

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