Lush launches new range of vegan makeup brushes

Cruelty-free beauty brand, Lush, has just launched a new range of vegan makeup brushes.

The collection named Roll with it, includes 13 animal-free brushes, and are priced between £7.50 – £32.

The collection comes in environmentally-friendly portable organic cotton wrap made by Re-wrap. The whole set can be purchased for £225.

The 13 brushes are a large powder brush, large buffing brush, blush brush, large fan brush, flat foundation brush, large highlighter brush, small blending brush, large angle liner brush, small concealer brush, travel tip brush, double-ended brow brush, small liner brush, and a pencil brush.

Meg Edwards, Lush’s in-house makeup artist who also designed the brushes said: “We tried and tested an array of different brushes and synthetic fibers until we had a perfect collection.”

“We’re confident the range of brushes will deliver professional results. They’re easy to use and they have a luxurious, premium feel!”

Lush is egg-free
80% of Lush’s products are suitable for vegans. Earlier this year, they announced they will replace eggs in its products with other ingredients such as linseed, silken tofu, soy yogurt, and aquafaba.

Lush stated that they were: “Unconvinced that even the very best egg production is free from suffering.”

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