Vegan ice cream line launches at 108-year-old Irish brand

Ice cream brand Morelli debuts its first vegan ice cream line last week named “Libero”. The fifth-generation, family-operated brand was founded in 1911 and is known for their Italian ice cream flavors. They developed their dairy-free flavors to bring innovation to Northern Ireland. Daniela Morelli-Kerr, sales and marketing director ar Morelli said: “We’ve been approached over many years for a dairy-free ice cream. We had, of course, to find a way of replacing the milk with ingredients that maintained the creaminess and flavor long associated with Morelli’s ice cream.” “We settled on a base of healthy coconut oil to replace the milk.” As of yet, Strawberry and Chocolate are their only 2 vegan flavors and are available in pints and at scoop shops. They plan to expand their vegan Libero line soon with more flavors coming in months.

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